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    • Sorry for the delay! The gremlins have been active in my computer. So glad you are enjoying Ivy and co! I think reading is a great blessing when you can`t be so active as the Enquire Within lot. Very best wishes – Ann

  1. I can’t wait to read this. I really enjoy your books, and this new series is no exception. I hope all the books in your Lois Meade series will be available for Nook soon. I donated my copies to the library because, alas, I have no room in my wee space for them. Now that I have the Nook, I’d like to repurchase them all to keep them in my permanent library.

    • Hello Sharon – nice to hear from you. I am really pleased that you are enjoying Ivy and her colleagues in Enquire Within. Re Nook – this is an electronic reader? I have a Kindle myself, but also continue to read books in the old way, as there is nothing quite like having a real book in your hands. I hope all will be available for Nook soon – but will forward your message to the publishers as a reminder! Best wishes – Ann P

  2. I have enjoyed all the Lois Meade series. I just picked up Hangmans Row Enquiry and could not put it down. I loved the characters!!PLEASE KEEP UP THE ENQUIRES WITHIN SERIES. It is wonderful

    • Thanks for your message, Carole! Next Enquire Within story out in May – The Measby Murder Mystery! So glad you
      are enjoying Ivy and her cronies. Best wishes – Ann

  3. Dear Mrs. Purser,

    Just finished “Hangman’s Row Enquiry” and thoroughly enjoyed it! Although a lover of detective fiction, I had somehow managed to miss your work until now and am so glad that I have discovered it! What a completely charming and clever novel! Having grown up on the island of Anglesey, I found your village setting both enchanting and nostalgic.

    I look so forward to reading the very next Ivy Beasley mystery. By the way, I thought the paragraph in “Hangman’s Row Enquiry” in which Roy scrambles to his feet, saying “I’m needed!” was beautifully written and very touching in way beyond the usual confines of genre fiction. Well done indeed.

    All the very best,

    Anne Merino

  4. Thank you so much, Anne, for your nice message. I was interested to hear that you grew up on Anglesey – just think, you might have had Prince William and his wife living next door!

    I am really pleased you are enjoying Ivy Beasley and co. Ivy has run through all my seriesw – Round Ringford, Lois Meade and the Ivy Beasley Enquiries – I think she is my favourite character!

    The Measby Murder Enquiry is published tomorrow! Look out for it. I do hope you enjoy the story. Best wishes – Ann P

  5. Hi
    Am a late starter to Lois and Ivy and have spent time catching up on all the series, this is the only one I have left to read and am so excited! Just hope there are plenty more and wonder if its polite to say hurry up!
    Thank you for your books

    • Thank you, Louise, for your welcome message! So glad you find Lois and Ivy exciting – I have just finished the first draft of the third Ivy enquiry, so that should be around in due course. Lois has just embarked on tracing a stolen cello. Cello? Anything could happen. All the best – Ann

  6. I read both the Ivy Beasley books this week. They are terrific. Please hurry more of them to us.

    • Hi, Kay – thank you for your message. I am so pleased you like the new series – another Ivy Beasley enquiry is on its way,so keep a lookout! With best wishes – Ann

  7. Hi Ann,
    I was just wondering if there are any new books on the horizon?, I enjoy everything you write espescilly the Lois Meade mysteries. it’s a shame we read them so much faster than you can write (o:
    Donna Taylor

    • Hi, Donna – thanks for your comment. Yes, the next Lois Meade is due out in December. It is called Foul Play at Four, and all your favourite characters are back at work! Ivy Beasley is in action again in The Wild Wood Enquiry, which will be out some time next year, probably May. So glad you are enjoying the books. I certainly enjoy writing them. Very best – Ann

  8. Hi Ann,
    I’ve just finished “The Measby Murder Enquiry”.
    What surprised me was where William had died.
    I grew up in Junee and most Australians don’t even know where it is!
    How on earth did you come up with the idea?

    • Hello John – I was so delighted to have your comment! I have a reader friend in Junee, and we have corresponded for a long time now. She has sent all kinds of lovely things, including chocolate liquorish sweets, yum yum. I have a map on a teatowel, and now feel I know Junee pretty well. It is a coincidence, isn`t it, that I can add you to the list of Junee readers!

      Best wishes – Ann P

  9. Hi Ann,
    I live in Brisbane now, but still consider Junee a part of me. I still have friends down there and am thinking of retiring to there in a few years time.
    The latest Lois Mead arrived in the post this morning, so am looking forward to reading the latest episode.
    This will put me right up to date with the series. I’ve read all the previous series with lois and she becomes quite addictive.
    Will there be an overt romance between her and her policeman in the future.
    Looking for the next of Both series.

    • Two more of each are forecast! I do wish you a happy retirement, when it comes along. Lots of sitting in the sun, eating chocolate liquorish….

      (not sure of my spelling) but all the best. Ann P

  10. Did the Licorish come from the Licorish Factory in Junee?
    It’s really great stuff.
    What happens after the next two of each?
    A New series maybe?

    • Did I reply to your nice message, John? Anyway, thanks very much. If I haven`t already said it, yes the licorish did come from the factory in Junee, and was delicious. After the next two of each, I might join Ivy and Roy in Springfields! Best wishes and keep in touch. Ann P

  11. Hi Ann, having read all the M.C.Beatons, Carola Dunns, Leslie cookmans and Simon Bretts, I was getting desperate for another brilliant author to keep me going. I stumbled upon you by accident and am now addicted! As someone said before its such a shame we read quicker than you can write, I have to try and pace myself, but I have more luck giving up chocolate!!

    Please keep writing in the same vein for many years to come. All the best, Val Eagle

    • Hello, Val. Thanks for your nice message. I am a Simon Brett fan myself. Why are you giving up chocolate? I love the dark stuff made by Green and Black, and comfort myself that it is supposed to be good for you. Am ten chapters into the next Ivy Beasley enquiry, and as she is now engaged to Roy, anything can happen!

      Best wishes, Ann P

  12. Hi Ann. I love your books. I was born and raised in Oxford England,and met my American husband and have lived in Oklahoma for many years,but I read English mysteries(To keep up with things :) and you are one of my favorites.I just finished Foul Play At Four and cant wait to see what Mrs TJ gets up to..helping out with the crime team…:) Keep up the good work!!

    • Hi Gloria – nice to hear from you! How romantic to meet a glamorous American in Oxford and go to Oklahoma to live! We live in a small village in the Midlands, but not too far from Oxford, and I love to go there shopping. My brother won a State Scholarship to Corpus Christi many, many years ago, so we got to know Oxford quite well.

      I am so glad you enjoyed Foul Play at Four – I have just completed the next Lois Meade, Found Guilty at Five, but it is still at the corrections stage and so won`t be out until the end of the year, I think.

      Spring is on its way in the Midlands, and my bantams have started to lay – small white eggs, but very delicious.

      All the best – Ann P.

    • Hi, Bonnie! Thanks for yours – so glad you like the series – always another one in the pipeline!

      Best wishes – Ann P.

  13. I have just come across your book,”The Measby Murder Enquiry’, whilst reading for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind here in Toronto. I was given a few options and, despite the small print, was taken by the aged detective group, village life and ‘Waiting for God’ plot of the book. I just want to tell you how delightful and entertaining we have all found it and what a wonderful book it is to read out loud. The flow and energy of the chapters keeps us enthused. I forgot to say we volunteer to put books on CD’s for those who have problems with their sight. A reader and technician work together on the recording so that it is recorded as accurately as possible. Thank you so much for the pleasure it has given us to record it and in turn for those who listen.
    Patricia Reid, Toronto, Canada.

    • Thanks for yours, Patricia. I was most interested to read about the work you do for people whose sight is not so good. I am sure it is much appreciated. Reading or listening to books is one of the greatest pleasures, I think. Thank you for the nice things you say about Ivy and the Measby murder. I just hope I`m as active and sharp as she is when I reach that stage in life! Look out for The Wild Wood Enquiry – I hope you`ll like that one, too.

      Best wishes, Ann P.

  14. I am enjoying the Ivy Beasley series and looking forward to the next one. I am re listening to the Round Ringford Series on casssette. I wish they were available on CD as my tapes are wearing out. I love those stories and wish you could write another one so we could see what has become of the characters maybe a finale? How about old Ivy visiting her old frinds Doris and Ellen and getting involved in solving a murder in Round Ringford.
    Best regards

    • Good idea, Teresa! At the moment Ivy is very busy sorting out a hitch in a wedding, but will no doubt think about going back to Round Ringford, if only for a visit. I am so glad you enjoy reading about Ivy – she is my favourite character, I suppose. She reminds me of my grannie! Best wishes – Ann P

  15. It’s hard to believe that I just discovered your books. I just finished reading Murder on Monday and enjoyed it very much. I purchased it at a book sale at our local library. I will be reading more of your books for sure. Been reading mystery books for years. From the states so enjoying the slight differences in some of the vocabulary and phrases.
    Thanks you for your books!

    • Thank you so much, Debbie, for your comment. Glad you enjoyed Murder on Monday. You have the rest of the week to go! Let me know if you have any problems finding titles. After the week`s adventures, Lois and co. go into numbers, so theres Warning at One, etc. And then there`s my Ivy Beasley Enquiries …

      Best wishes – Ann P

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