Authors Event – Bodies in the Bookshop 2010

Yes, it’s the time of the year again.  Bodies in the Bookshop is an annual event held by Heffers Bookshop in Cambridge, where they have loads of crime writers standing next to their books looking hopeful!  I am one of them, and have been going there for several years. This is a ticketed event only.  The tickets cost £5, but £2 is redeemable on the night against any purchase.

The details are:
Bodies in the Bookshop
Heffers Bookshop
19 Trinity Street,
from 6pm on Tuesday, 15th July 2010

I shall be there with many other crime writers, all of us with our books and a warm welcome to all.  Hope to see you there!

Ann Purser.

2 thoughts on “Authors Event – Bodies in the Bookshop 2010

  1. Currently I reside in Delaware, USA
    Just discovered the \Bodies in the Bookshop\ event described on your website. I have
    been scheming for a reason to return. Nothing seems more enjoyable to me than sharing time & space with the writers who provide me with lovely, cozy, village murder novels, I read every spare moment. Your series most specifically, currently reading Tragedy at two.
    How or where may I find the 2012 event dates?

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Debs! Wouldn`t it be nice to meet at Bodies in the Bookshop next year? I do not have an exact date, but it is always around the middle of July. If you send a message to Heffers Bookshop in Cambridge,
      I am sure they will let you know. Mention my name!

      I hope you are enjoying Tragedy at Two – Threats at Three is out now, and Foul Play at Four to follow ……

      Good wishes – Ann P

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