Threats at Three

Threats at Three will be published sometime in December 2010.  More precise publication date and details to come.  Please check the website regularly for more updates.

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  1. I love the Lois Meade series!! Always terrific, and now the addition of Ivy Beasley and company is a welcome delight. Thanks for writing them!

  2. This is a great book, I am really looking forward to more Louis books and I was surprise that I liked the hangman’s row. The charter were so colorful and warm
    Can’t wait
    cindy in california

  3. I got Threats at Three for Christmas! I am almost through with it. Thank you so much for your books. I have a love affair with England, been there twice but that isn’t enough. Your books take me back and I get to enjoy my favorite spot in the world.
    You are so important to my life! Thank you for being you!
    NE Texas

    • Lovely to hear from you,Kay. I am happy that you find the books take you back to England! Next time you come, get in touch. Best wishes, Ann.

  4. I love your Lois Meade series and just finished Threats at Three. I will now try The Hangman’s Row Enquiry. Is there going to be an \at Four?\

    • Thanks, Diana, for your cheering message! I am so glad you enjoy Lois Meade and her adventures. Yes, Foul Play at Four is in the pipeline, so keep an eye on the website for publication date. The Ivy Beasley series has had a great reception, so I do hope you enjoy Enquire Within. All the best – Ann

  5. A friend of mine lent me the first 7 books of the Lois Meade series. I enjoyed them so much I went looking for more books and was able to download your latest 3 on my Nook. I especially enjoy your English colloquialisms and the picture you paint with words of life in a small village. Makes me want to visit England.
    Ohio, USA

    • Happy Easter, Betsy! I was very pleased to have your message, and to know you are enjoying the Lois Meade books. I hope you will be able to visit England one day! Village life is different from the past in many ways, but a lot is still the same – yesterday most of the village spent happy hours searching for a missing hen – it was finally found nesting under a hedge and restored to the rest of the flock. In the beautiful weather we are having at the moment, I can`t think of a nicer way to spend Easter Sunday! Best wishes – Ann P

  6. I absolutely LOVE the new books with Ivy, Gus, Roy, Deirdre and the rest of the villagers of Barrington! I’m almost done with The Measby Murder Enquiry and don’t want to put it down for a minute! I’ll be re-reading the Lois Meade books after this. Just love the characters and writing – makes you feel as if you are right in the village solving the mysteries with them! Brilliant writing! Keep them coming!!!
    Michigan, USA

    • How nice of you to write! I am so pleased you are enjoying Lois and Ivy in their village communities. I love village life myself, although we haven`t so far had any real mysteries to solve ….

      Another Ivy Beasley enquiry is on the way, also Foul Play at Four, with Lois in action.

      Happy reading! Ann P.

  7. I absolutely love your books. I have read every single one of your books and each one is a gem. I particularly love The Lois Meade series. I love the characters and their interactions and the setting. I especially like that you have allowed your characters to grow and age. It allows them to develop and be three dimensional. Each book is a gem and I am happy to learn that Foul Play at Four is on it’s way. I must say that I am sad when I finish each and every book in any series. Well done !

    Clifton Park, NY

    • Thank you Janice, for your interesting message. A good point you raise. It is a quite a task remembering how old all my characters are, and making sure they all grow at the same rate! I am not a particularly well-organised person, and should really have them all pinned up on a noticeboard somewhere and keep a check on them. But I now think of them as real people – some of them friends! – and you don`t pin your friends up on a noticeboard…. Anyway, lovely to hear from you, and happy reading. Ann P.

  8. I am just finishing Threats at Three and really enjoying it. I really feel that the series would make a really good television series. The books are so easy to read, just what you need when you are feeling a bit down. Have no producers considered making it into a TV series.

    Looking forward to the next Lois Meade.

    • Hello Sandra – Glad you are enjoying Threats at Three. Of course I agree with you about Lois on the telly! Is a producer out there somewhere? Anyway, meanwhile there is Foul Play at Four in the pipeline, so I hope you will enjoy that too. All best – Ann

  9. I just read my first Ann Purser novel “Threats at Three” and I loved it! I love the character Lois Meade and her family. I love how a modern family life is intertwined with the classic murder mystery. I’m looking forward to reading more Ann Purser books.

    Well done!

    Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

    • What a lovely address! `Little Egg Harbor` appeals to me, as I have a flock of pet bantams, which lay very small but delicious eggs!

      I am so glad you enjoyed Threats at Three. Lois is very busy at present sorting out a crime of a very different kind in Found Guilty at Five, and Foul Play at Four is now recently published. Lots more to go, I hope!

      Best wishes – Ann P

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