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  1. Hello
    I have really enjoyed all the Lois Meade Mysteries and look forward to more of them.
    I am just starting on the Round Ringford series.
    It has been fun seeing the illustrations of Lois and the other characters, some of them look pretty close to how I imagined them others not so much especially Derek. I am looking forward to seeing one of Inspector Cowgill.

    • Hi, Donna –

      It is such a treat to hear you are enjoying the books! I don`t know if you have read Lois, Monday to Sunday? The next is Warning at One, and Tragedy at Two follows in December.

      I love the illustrations myself. It is quite a feat to draw a likeness so close to the author`s imagination, and even more to the reader`s own idea of what the characters look like. I am a great `Archers` fan myself (for American readers, this is a radio soap, described as an everyday story of countryfolk). It has been going for about fifty years, and I have my own pictures in my head of how they look. When photos of the actors appear in newspapers etc. it is a terrible shock!

      If you like meeting the authors of crime novels, dozens of us will be at Heffers in Cambridge, Bodies in the Bookshop, on the 21st July, 6.30 pm onwards, standing by our books and hoping readers will come along.


  2. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for replying to my message, it is fun to be able to chat to a real, live author! Yes, I have read Lois Monday – Sunday and Warning at One. I am looking forward to Tragedy at Two and and lot’s more (I hope).
    I would have loved to come to the “Bodies in the Bookshop” but unfortuantely it is a bit of a long way from West Virginia! Anyway, I hope it goes well for you.
    I always joke that I am going to write a book one day, I have lot’s of good material from my job as a Church secretary haha.

    • I noticed `St Albans` which is close to where one of my daughters lives, and assumed it was UK! Bodies in the Bookshop went well, and I had postcards of Lois, Cowgill and Ivy Beasley to hand out. These were much admired! I am treasurer of our local church choir, and agree that there is loads of material there!

  3. I am so happy this series is going on. I have enjoyed every Lois Meade book so far and look forward to the next.

    Thank you for so much reading pleasure.

  4. Dear Ann,

    In the past few years I have read every one of your books – just discovered Warning at One whilst browsing in the Library! What a treat! I read it in two days! Cannot put your books down once I pick them up – my family get slightly neglected but I heard one of them saying “oh she’s into one of her books again”.

    I love the pics but somehow imagined Lois to look more like me (he he) and Gran to be slightly more glamorous! I adore Lois and her family just as I loved the characters in Round Ringford – will there be any more?

    I looked you up on google to find out if there will be anything at “Two” – I can’t wait until December – when you’ve finished One to Twelve do you think you could manage January to December?
    Please please don’t stop writing – Lynn

    • Thanks for your comment, Lynn. I love to get lost in book – sorry about te family! The drawings are wonderful, aren`t they, and I specially love Dot Nimmo. It is quite fun sometimes to cast the characters with actors and actresses, and it is amazing how varied choices can be! Ann

  5. This is my first time on this site; I have to say I am just coming to the end of Murder on Monday…and I have every intention of reading the “rest of the week.” For we Americans who can’t get enough of all things UK, this is definitely the fix.

    As soon as I get through Sunday, I’m going to investigate the Round Ringford series; Ms. Purser, I have been looking for a book to get lost in for quite some time now, but haven’t been able to find anything that jumped off the shelf at me–but Murder on Monday had done the trick. Thanks so much for writing!!!

    John Foster

    • Thanks for your nice comments, John! I am so glad Lois has you hooked! I am really enjoying writing the crime series, after six novels about country life (no murders) in Round Ringford. I am a country girl (ahem!) myself, and love writing about the people I know best. I know you are too bright to buy the roses-round-the-cottage-door image of rural life here, or anywhere else. Without the gossips and the dramas, how boring rural life would be! As a matter of fact, someone in the village has just asked me if I know about the local man whose wife pushed him to his death down the cottage stairs? A long time ago, he assured me ……. Regards – AP

  6. The Ault drawings are wonderful. Any chance that they will also grace your wonderful books? I am now waiting to read Tragedy at two – all the copies are out at my library, and if I don’t get it soon Amazon (US) is my next step!

    • Many thanks for your message, Susanne. Yes, I love the drawings! The characters are exactly as I imagined them. I have suggested using them in the books, but so far no luck. Happy hunting for Tragedy at Two – and I do hope you enjoy reading it. Ann P

    • Lois too young? Maybe you`re right, but some of us like to think we don`t look our age …………… I hope the sketch captures the spirit of her character, anyway. AP

  7. Hi Ann,
    I love your books and they give me, a devoted anglophile, a much needed fix! I have a stressful job and in the middle of the night I think about the book I am involved with at the moment and go to that world. It helps. :) That must be a wonderful thing for an author to hear. Such believable mindscapes. Thank you for that. I had one little comment. I am an animal nut and even though they are imaginary I often times have a slight worry over the four legged characters and wonder how they get on.(see how real your books become ) . Have just finished Theft on Thursday and am wondering about Betsy. :) I was glad when Erin returned home and obviously took care again of the elderly sheepdog and all the cats etc! You’re great!
    All the best! Virginia Vanini

    • Thanks very much, Virginia, for your nice message. I am so glad the characters are as real to you as they are to me! I must say when I`m writing, problems do seem to fade. As the problems are often in the nature of Wullie the dog running away, the chickens invading next-door`s garden, a heron clearing all my husband`s fish from the pond, or my fourteen-year-old goldfish in a tank looking a bit seedy, you will appreciate my need to escape!

      All best – Ann

      PS: Betsy was taken on by a nice family who`d just lost their elderly terrier, and lived happily ever after …..

  8. I do appreciate it. Love the goldfish looking seedy. :) They have that tendency. Very sweet though. Especially when they get slightly over weight. Thanks so much for the update on Betsy. Was relieved. Very kind of you to let me know.
    You enjoy now.


  9. Hi Ann!

    Warning at Two is the first book to be read on my new Nook eReader. What a treat.
    I came to your website to tell you that when I saw all the character sketches. They are great.

    Since I’m here, I’d like to ask about Lois’ grammar in Warning at Two. I’m in the middle of reading it and she seems more crude than in all the past books. More uneducated. Is it just my imagination? I can’t go back and check as I always pass along your books to others. It’s almost like someone else is doing the writing.

    This isn’t a critism; Just curious.

    Thanks for the hours of heading pleasure!

    • Thanks for your message, Martha. I am very flattered that the first book on your e-reader is one of mine! I have a Kindle, and after finding it a bit odd to read, I am now devoted to it.

      re Lois`s grammar – I don`t consciously trim her speech, as I have her voice in my head and what she says usually comes out naturally! I do know that her grammar often slips if she is angry, upset or frightened. And sometimes she has been known to use a mild swear word!

      I am so pleased you enjoy the books and send you best wishes for happy reading. Ann.

  10. Hi Ann

    Loved reading the Lois Meade mysteries upto ‘two’ cant wait for ‘three’. What a fantastic escape, i get lost in your very colourful characters and find it hard to put a book down once i’ve started!
    I’m on the second Round Ringford story and have reserved the rest of the series from the local library. I’m hoping to live somewhere similar to your villages you describe in a few years time once our children have flown the nest.

    Keep writing.

    Best wishes
    Jane, Essex

    • Hi, Jane – thanks for your interesting message. So glad you are enjoying Lois and co. Threats at Three should be out by Christmas (useful presy?). If you`re reading the Round Ringford stories, you will have come across Ivy Beasley, the village dragon! She is now leading a new series – the Ivy Beasley Enquiries – from an old folks residential home in Suffolk. The first – The Hangman`s Row Enquiry – is out now, and the next – the Measby Murder Enquiry – will follow soon. Ivy has taken on a new lease of life and (amazingly) has a gentleman admirer …

      Make the most of your children – they fly the nest all too soon!

      Regards – Ann P.

  11. Just discovered your Lois Meade series and have recently completed Warning at One, Terror at Two and Threats at Three. I appreciate the fine British sense of humor and wit but I have found Lois’ character to come across as rather sharp-tongued and b*%chy. I do not mean to offend, but I read her as unappreciative of Derek and Gran and she seems to think her opinion is more important than others. I hope this character evolves because as much as I like the stories, I do not find Lois’ character endearing at this time. I do enjoy the illustrations on the website. Are they in your UK editions? There are no illustrations in the US books. I will be looking for the Round Ringford series here in my local library.

    • Hello, Amy! Thank you for your interesting comment! I am afraid Lois`s character is exactly as you describe it, and she keeps the emdearing side well hidden! I like to think that her sharpness is all part of her talent for ferretin`, and her actions – usually to help righting a wrong – speak louder than words. Anyway, there she is! Glad you like the illstrations. Emily Ault is my daughter, and is very good at picturing the characters as I see them in my head.

      I hope your library can find the Round Ringford books, which are straight village stories with no murders!

      Best wishes – Ann P

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