6 thoughts on “Ivy Beasley by Emily Ault

  1. Ann, I have to tell you what made me purchase this book was the wonderful cover. Love the houses and the whippet. I have a greyhound so love these dogs. I then loved the story and the plot but was disappointed that I did not find out what Gus was really doing in the village and what he really does for a living. I am assuming that will come out in your next book. I can hardly wait!!!!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Glad you enjoyed Hangman`s Row, and its lovely cover! I have a sandy coloured cairn, but have always wanted a whippet. So Gus has one instead! He is, I agree, a mystery character. It may be that the nature of his work prohibits him revealing all. Or he could just be enjoying the role of mystery man in the village!

      Read on! AP

  2. I have read (and enjoyed) all the Round Ringford Stories, and most of the Lois Meade mysteries, and although it was a couple of years (or so) ago, my memory tells me that Ivy Beasley featured in Round Ringford. How does she suddenly appear in Long Farden? Or should I continue with Lois to find out?

    • Thanks, Barbara, for your message. Sorry for delay in replying. Your memory is excellent! Ivy does figure largely in Round Ringford, but there comes a time when she is not so agile, and her friends are equally slowing up, and she allows (mistakenly, she claims) her cousin Deirdre to persuade her to move to Springfields residential home in Suffolk. This is in the same village as Deirdre`s home, and it is taking Ivy some while to settle in! Read on …..

  3. Loved the book but oh no, Ivy is pointy not jowly! I’m sure you love this version of Ivy and I’ll keep mine for old times sake. This one is actually how I pictured dear old Ellen. Ivy sure has evolved over the years.

    Btw, at first I fought Hangman’s Row. It was great to see Ivy again but I missed her old neighbors in the Ringford series. Then, there was a certain subterfuge concerning Ivy, a cell phone and sneaking into a certain house. That hooked me. Thanks, Ann!

    • Helen, I loved your message! Yes, the drawing of Ivy is just as I imagined her, with a strong and stubborn look. It is interesting how differently people see characters in a novel.

      Glad you are converted! More of Ivy to follow. Have you met Lois Meade yet? Happy reading! Ann.

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