4 thoughts on “Inspector Cowgill by Emily Ault

  1. Not at all the way I envisioned Cowgill- first of all, I had no idea he was that well turned out- guess being a North American I expected a uniform of sorts. I can see from the “drooping” of the chin and flesh around the chin, he is over 45- but I guess I expected less hair and more age related lines in his face. I like Cowgill and always feel sorry for him, probably because he has a sympathetic personality and has mellowed somewhat over the years of law enforcement. This figure seems a bit too dashing to be such a push-over as Lois Meade makes Cowgill out to be. Nice try, but I would not have recognized him in this cariacature.

    • Thanks for your interesting message. It is amazing how differently readers see Cowgill. He is, of course, just as I imagined him, but your analysis is so clever! A couple of points in defence of the illustration: One, he has to be fairly attractive for Lois to harbour a secret fancy for him (which she does, and it is evident here and there). Two, plain clothes because he is a detective. If he doesn`t look like a policeman, that is all to the good.

      Three – I am really pleased that you care enough to write.

      Ann P.

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