The Lois Meade Mysteries

Murder on Monday
Murder On MondayMurder on Monday is a chilling account of the life and death of Gloria Hathaway, spinster of the parish, with a secret career of her own. Would-be sleuth, feisty Lois Meade, becomes involved as she cleans in the village houses of Long Farnden. The doctor, the professor, the gallery proprietor and the district nurse, are all part of a web of deceit which challenges Lois in her first attempt at unraveling a mystery. Then there is Detective Inspector Cowgill, a stern policeman who builds an odd relationship with Lois. He is quick to see how valuable she can be, and she is well aware of this. Sparks fly as the plot thickens. “Smashing ending” said an American reviewer.

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Terror on Tuesday
Terror on Tuesday finds Lois has moved out of Tresham and into Long Farnden, one of a trio of villages involved in her next assignment. She sets up New Brooms, a house-cleaning business with a small team of loyal characters. Her cleaners are her main concern, but all become involved in bizarre deaths, theatrical goings-on, and Lois is drawn in by the wicked tentacles of the local drug scene until violence strikes at the very heart of her family. Many contemporary problems surface here, but always with the background of village life, which, as many discover, is not immune from troubled times.

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Weeping on Wednesday
Lois Meade`s cleaning business, New Brooms, has a new recruit, Enid Jacob, who lives with a reclusive mother and miserable old father in a remote, crumbling mill-house. Lois pities Enid, and when the shy spinster offers to teach piano to Lois`s musical son Jamie, a happy relationship develops. But things always go wrong in Enid`s life, and now deteriorate from bad to worse. Lois and company help to sort it all out, but is the ending happy or sad? The reader will decide.

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Theft on Thursday
Lois Meade, cleaner and part-time sleuth, is restless. It is some time since she helped out her old admirer and adversary, Inspector Hunter Cowgill, and she misses the excitement. She is delighted when the call comes from Cowgill asking her for help once more. She is plunged into mystery, bigotry and intrigue surrounding the randy new choirmaster Sandy Mackerras and the vicar, and there is danger for Lois and her new cleaner Sharon Miller, an innocent romantic. But is she as innocent as she seems?

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Fear on Friday
Lois Meade is boss of a cleaning business, and finds time on the side to indulge her love of sleuthing. She opens an office in nearby Tresham, and is intrigued to see a number of surprising visitors to the small shop on the other side of the street. Their window display tells all! New business comes her way when she is asked to clean the house of Tresham`s pompous and secretive mayor, Howard Jenkinson. A locked room arouses Lois`s curiosity, especially when the mayor`s chauffeur is seen collecting a parcel from the shop opposite. Lois, her daughter, and some of her regular cleaners, gradually uncover lies, adultery and sex for sale. When seemingly harmless goings-on result in death and murder, it is time for her old admirer, Inspector Hunter Cowgill, to become involved. True to form, Lois ignores his warnings and finds her own life in danger.

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Secrets on Saturday
From the moment his car stops outside her door, Lois Meade, cleaner and part-time sleuth, doesn`t like the look of Reg Abthorpe. He asks her to clean the house of spry old Herbert Everitt, who has been moved to an old folks` home, though no one in the close-knit village of Long Farnden can understand why. Farmer William Cox is another matter. His health has been in decline since the death of his wife, and he is notoriously reclusive and dependent on his dog, Rosie. Threats against villagers, Lois`s loyal staff, and Lois herself cause the atmosphere to darken, and Lois is called upon by her old adversary and admirer, Inspector Hunter Cowgill ….

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Sorrow on Sunday
In Sorrow on Sunday, Lois Meade, feisty cleaner-cum-private detective is on the trail of a horse-racing scam that ends in murder and tragedy. Colonel Battersby is a respectable pillar of society – or is he? He and his wife Blanche live in rural comfort in Waltonby, not far from Lois`s home in Long Farnden. The Battersbys request the services of New Brooms, and Lois and Dot Nimmo become involved in a secret underworld of corruption and violence. Horses figure largely in the Colonel`s life of hunting, racing and unsuccessful gambling. Enter Inspector Hunter Cowgill, Lois`s long-time contact in the police, and together they bring the villains to justice.

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Warning at One
Lois continues her `ferretin` with a new series, starting with Warning at One. This was published in hardback in November 2008, and concerns a mysterious newcomer in Gordon Street, where Lois owns a terraced house, next door to Clem Fitch and his cockerel, Satan. Across the road, Mrs Blairgowrie has recently moved in, and seems a pleasant enough woman.. She is visually impaired, apparently, though manages to live alone quite succesfully with the regular visits of a large, bulky man who, she says, is her son. Mysterious comings and goings in the middle of the night rouse Clem`s curiosity, with unfortunate consequences. Inspector Cowgill is, as usual, on the scene, as keen as ever on his Lois and not in the least put off by her fierce rejection of any warming up of the relationship!

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Tragedy at Two
She’s worked through all of the days of the week, turning up clues and scrubbing up both messes and murderers in the village of Long Farnden. But crime is a persistent stain, and Lois Meade is finding that sleuthing is rarely a spotless endeavor…  Lois Meade’s daughter Josie was admittedly considering ditching her partner Rob, but she certainly never expected him to be found badly beaten and left for dead in a ditch by the side of the road. When Rob tragically dies from his injuries without regaining consciousness, Inspector Cowgill has a murder investigation on his hands, and once again he engages the assistance of the woman he respects above all others—Lois.  Suspicion for the attack quickly falls on the traveling gypsies who are camped out on Alf Smith’s property in Long Farnden. There is strong prejudice among many in the village who consider the gypsies no better than tramps and thieves. Lois must follow a twisted path that leads to arson, local delinquents, secret assignations, and blackmail— before she can discover who’s been tinkering with the truth…

Released on 1st December 2009.  Order your copy of Tragedy at Two from your local booksellers and all on-line retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble (US).

Threats at Three
She`s worked through all of the days of the week, turning up clues and scrubbing up both messes and murderers in the village of Long Farnden. But crime is a persistent stain, and Lois Meade is finding that sleuthing is rarely a spotless endeavour… A committee is forming to save the Shed, a run-down building that is the village hall for Long Farnden locals. Joiining the usual collection of grumps and curmudgeons is Lois`s husband, Derek, as committee chair. They are aiming to cut down newcomer Gavin Adstone, who doesn`t think the Shed is worth saving at all … After much discussion, a soap box grand prix is chosen as the major fund-raising event for the restoration plan. The building is part of village history, a landmark for locals who have attended wedding receptions and cricket teas there for generations. But someone really wants to make this tea the last – by setting the Shed aflame. When a dead body is mysteriously found in the canal, Inspector Cowgill wonders if the instances are connected, and if this dispute will get uglier – and deadlier. He turns to the every reliable Lois Meade to sort out the sculprits and pick up the loose ends before their village hall turns into a funeral pyre

Released on 7th December 2010.  Order your copy of Threats at Three from your local booksellers and all on-line retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble (US).

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135 thoughts on “The Lois Meade Mysteries

  1. Just read Foul Play at Four and enjoyed it. However, I was left with a couple of small questions. Does Dot ever get the dog back- and where was he when Cowgill picked up Clive hitchhiking? Also on a similar note- whatever happened to poor little Orly? Taken by an owl, trapped in an ice house (although fed and cared for), then left by the side of the road after he farted in the car???? True these are small points, but I couldn’t help but wonder– perhaps they will be back in the next book?

    • Foul Play At Four….I was also wondering what happened to Orly. I was afraid it had been left outside the car. I was hoping Mrs. T-J. would get it back.
      Thank you1

      • Julie, you will be glad to know Orly, now called Pussy, sits on a windowsill in the sun, licking his well-fed chops, and glaring at the birds on the feeding table outside in his garden. At night, he roams around the neighborhood yowling and singing to his lady admirers, and keeping angry householders awake.

        Regards – Ann

    • Hi, Kim – No more waiting! Foul Play at Four is out now (Amazon etc), with Lois hot on the trail of a pair of petty thieves, whose crime leads them into very dark waters. Happy reading!

      PS: Found Guilty at Five is in the pipeline …

  2. Dear Ann, I write you from Texas where I am spending the January doldrums reading through the Lois Meade collection. I love those books. The characters are so real and the village life you describe is so special. My grandson gave me ” Foul Play at Four” for Christmas and I am anxious to know if you have a “FIVE” planned.



  3. Dear Ann, I love the Lois Meade series and look forward to Found Guilty at Five. Please keep writing about the Meade family and their village.


    Paula Stephenson

    • Hi, Alisa. The next Lois Meade mystery will be Found Guilty at Five, and it is now in the pipeline. Not sure when it will appear, but keep watching the website! Thanks for you interest. Best wishes – Ann P

  4. I thoroughly enjoy your Lois Meade novels. They are lighthearted and mysterious. The behavior between family members is so real, just like between any family members.

    My favorite part is the ongoing, likeable relationship between Lois and Cowgill. It is what made these warmhearted mysteries favorites of mine. When you invented this relationship, it was superb. I laughed right out loud when Cowgill sang to Lois on the phone in “Foul Play at Four”.

    I look forward to the next book and hope Cowgill does not retire. His position allows for the comrade between them without it becoming tawdry.

    • Thank you, Marie, for your nice message. And no, Cowgill will never retire! In Found Guilty at Five, the next one in the pipeline, the whole family Meade (except Douglas) are involved in a mystery which, as usual, causes Derek to try, unsuccessfully, to keep a rein on Lois`s ferretin`. Hope you like this one!
      Best wishes – Ann P.

  5. I am new to these stories, and find them thoroughly refreshing, intriguing, and magnetic–they keep drawing me back to them. Thank you for sharing your worlds!

  6. I can’t WAIT to read “Found Guilty at Five!” I’ve just started the Ivy Beasley series and I love it!

    • Thank you so much for your message, Joan! I hope you like Found Guilty at Five, with all the favourite characters in action.

      Ivy Beasley is unstoppable! I am half way through the next one, and she keeps my nose to the grindstone …

      Best wishes and happy reading – Ann P.

  7. Keep them coming my friend, I started two weeks ago and am 5 to catch up. Really enjoy your work thank you Margaret conyers – australia

    • Thanks, Margaret, for writing to me from Australia. I hope to go there one day, but am not too happy about planes. Meanwhile I love to have news from readers! I hope you continue to enjoy the books.

      Best wishes – Ann P.

  8. Hi Ann
    To judge by the people who write to you you have an overwhelmingly female readership (which I believe is par for the course in the mystery field and reflects women’s superior taste and intelligence).
    So to close the gender divide a wee bit, I’m a man and I really enjoy the Lois Meade novels, not just as good mysteries (which they are) but for Lois herself, one of the most original amateur detectives ever. Not just a bundle of quirks and odd habits, but a real person with a real life that has to be attended to. In one sense then, an ordinary person – but with extraordinary drive and uncommon commonsense!
    Now to try the Ivy B mysteries!
    All the best.

    • Hi Rob –

      Thank you so much for your interesting comment. I could not help noticing that most of the comments I receive are from women! I have wondered if it is because both my detectives are women? Mind you, it didn`t do Agatha any harm! I, of course, am delighted to receive comments from any quarter, especially nice ones, such as yours. It is such a treat to hear that Lois has become a rounded person to a reader – I sometimes think I shall meet her coming out of the village shop!

      I do hope you enjoy Ivy Beasley as much as Lois. Very best wishes – Ann

  9. Being an Anglophile, I am constantly searching for novels which take place in Great Britain. I have read all of the Lois Meade novels and have started the Ivy Beasley series. I always look forward to the next book. You paint such a beautiful picture of English village life. My request: A map of Long Farnden and Tresham. I love being able to follow the movements of the characters, and a map would just add to my ejoyment of your novels. Keep up the good work. Thanks.


    • Thank you, Wayne, for your interesting comment. Nice to hear you are an Anglophile! Your request for a map of Long Farnden and Tresham (Barrington?) has set me thinking. I used to have one for the Round Ringford novels, and it made a useful postcard. Watch this space.
      Best wishes – Ann

  10. i enjoy reading your books as they are light and entertaining. i feel outnumbered posting as most of your posts are from. when will Found Guilty at Five be out?

    Gary – US

  11. When can we expect # 6 to come out? I always try to read them slowly so I can enjoy the Meed family. I just want to keep reading and before I before know it, I’ m done. It really keep’s you involved. Thanks Ann

    • Hi, Elva! It was so kind of you to write. Scandal at Six is in the pipeline, and should be out later this year. Lois has been ferretin` again, and this time a zoo is involved …. read on!

      Best wishes – Ann

  12. I have read it and it was great! Great plot!! I am ready for the next one. Any ideas when another one may be available?

  13. Just finished Found Guilty at Five, really enjoyed it as all the others.
    I will now pass it on to my mother who will be 101 in June, and then to my sister.
    We find the books light and fun reading and love following the characters.

    Glad there is another one in the works. Thanks Hazel


    • Hello Sandy – sorry for delay in replying, but house has been full of workmen and I have trouble finding my computer! I am so glad you enjoy the books. More Ivy and Lois on the way, though, and I hope you continue to read them. Best wishes and happy reading – Ann


    • Hi, Sandy, thanks for your message, which I hope I have not replied to twice! Anywy, nice to hear that you are enjoying th books. Now winter seems upon us, it is a good time to be reading in a nice warm armchair. All the best, Ann

  16. Hi Ann
    I haven’t known about your books for very long and am completely addicted to them. I love the settings and characters you write about, you paint such a realistic picture and I can’t put the books down. At the moment I have 5 waiting to be read but as I’m retired I spend a good part of my day getting lost in the plots of your stories….. I’m sure it helps my memory too, concentrating on remembering who all the characters are and where they fit in. thank you so much for being so talented and entertaining us all.
    very best wishes from Australia

  17. Ann, When is the next Lois Meade book coming out? You are a fantastic writer!!!
    Waiting to see some type of Mystery at Seven.

    Sincerely and have a wonderful day,


    • Hello Laurel – so glad you are enjoying the books! The next Lois Meade mystery is Suspicion at Seven, which should be out quite soon. Happy reading! Best wishes, Ann P.

  18. Hi! I just picked up Warning at One and have not read the previous Lois Meade stories, so I’m wondering why Lois treats Hunter so poorly? He obviously likes her a lot but she’s so mean to him!

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