Round Ringford Stories

Pastures New
Pastures NewRound Ringford village shop has new owners, Peggy and Frank, and encounter animosity, friendship and many humorous moments. Meet Ivy Beasley, readers` favourite , who rules the village with an iron hand.

Spinster of this Parish
Spinster Of This ParishIvy Beasley has a starring role in this Round Ringford story. A new vicar takes her fancy, but does she really have a heart of gold?

Orphan Lamb
Orphan LambOrphan Lamb is a bit weepy in part. It would tell too much to say why, but Round Ringford is challenged to deal with a new problem in its midst. In part it succeeds, but there are all the ups and downs of newly married life for Robert and Mandy before the sun finally shines fitfully on the small community.

New Every Morning
New Every MorningThis is a story of village life, especially its small school threatened with closure. Plenty of excitement and a cheery ending!

Thy Neighbour’s Wife
Thy Neighbours WifeWell-off, well-meaning newcomers move into the old vicarage, intending to take part in village life. They are not as welcome as they`d hoped, and there are tragic repercussions.

Mixed Doubles
Mixed DoublesTrouble at the tennis club, and Standings at the Hall are deeply involved. Ivy Beasley finds romance at last, but for poor Ivy it does not well.

101 thoughts on “Round Ringford Stories

  1. I cannot thank you enough, Ann, for the pleasure that the Round Ringford books have given me. I bask in your ability to invite me into a complete world, with new personalities in every book and growth in the lives and loves of the familiar characters. I love the animals who hold their own amongst the cast. I, too, would shout to the heavens if you decided to continue the series, but will content myself with beginning the Ivy Enquiries. How creative to continue the village thread through Lois into Ivy! (I read the Lois series first, and continue to do so with delight.) Thinking about all of your books can get me smiling and laughing, and they will always hold a firm space in the crowded shelves of my library. Thank you and all best wishes – Tinga

    • Thank you so much, Tinga, for your lovely message! It arrived on a day when I have been working away at the final draft of the new Lois story, to be titled Found Guilty at Five, and now I am off to make a cup of tea feeling much cheered by your comments!

      Ivy has been busy too, and in The Wild Wood Enquiry, she is up to all her old tricks.

      Have a lovely Christmas, and happy reading! Ann.

  2. Hi Ann
    I am a great fan and live in the same area as you. Is there any news on the possibility of getting our friends from Round Ringford on Kindle yet?

    • Hello, Joan. Nice to know I have a local fan! There is no news yet of the Round Ringford novels being on Kindle. Penguin US now have all the rights on my books, and so hopefully they will get round to it. Perhaps a blast from you will do the trick!

      With all good wishes for 1912. Ann

  3. Hi Ann
    I had the pleasure of reading your Round Ringford novels a few years ago when they were readily available. They are wonderful and I urge other fans to seek them out. They are well worth the search, like others I was totally immersed in them. It’s sad to hear there are no plans to write any further RR books but you alone know what your creative ‘juices’ are leaning towards.
    I have yet to read the Louis Meade series and am off to Amazon to buy what I can from their kindle store.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us and providing so much literary pleasure to thousands of fans. May your gift long continue.


    • Hi Peg – thank you so much for your nice comment! I loved writing the Round Ringford books, but then got a fancy for murder and detection! I hope you enjoy the Lois Meade series, and not forgetting the Ivy Beasley (you have met her in Round Ringford!) series, where she has moved to Suffolk and set up an Enquiry Agency. So far, there are three of those,and one more Lois in the pipeline.

      Best wishes – Ann P

  4. I have been reading your book, “The Hangman’s Row Enquiry,” and I wanted to say I am really enjoying it. I haven’t been able to put it down since I started it. I really like the characters in the book. I will be reading more of your books in the future!

    • So glad you`re enjoying The Hangman`s Row Enquiry. Look out for two more Ivy titles, and another one in the pipeline. The old girl is a hard taskmaster!

      Best wishes – Ann P.

  5. I bought the book Pastures New in a reduced bin at the store ..Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any other books in this series…Are they out of print ?
    I checked Barnes and Noble hoping to order there but they have some books priced at $ 18. and much higher..This I cannot afford..
    Would appreciate some feed back


  6. Dear Ann ,
    I remember reading the Round Ringford Series and loving them and being so sad when they came to an end and wondering if anything could replace them but along came the Louis Meade Series and I got involved in those and now I have the Ivy Beasley series. I am lucky that I have been able to purchase all your books and they sit on my book shelf either waiting to be read or to be re-read. I always find something I missed the first time I read a book. I am looking forward to the new Ivy Beasley book. Thankyou for the pleasure you have given me over the years.

    • Hi, Naomi – you made me think for a few moments! Then I remembered A Tangled Web (Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive) was the working title for Mixed Doubles. I am interested to know when you saw A Tangled Web. I might have told you myself! Regards – Ann

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