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  1. Dear Ms. Purser,

    My father is a big fan and avid reader of your books and I was hoping you could send him an autograph to cheer him up, he just had quadruple bypass heart surgery and I know receiving an autograph from you would put a smile on his face. I have included his name and address below. Thank you very much, Kim Crissey

    Kermit Crissey
    34 Guernsey St.
    Buffalo, NY 14207

    • Dear Kim – I do hope your father is progressing well, and of course I shall be delighted to send him an autograph. I am glad he enjoys the books! Best wishes, Ann.

  2. “Tragedy At Two” is my favorite Lois Meade mystery yet. Hopefully, in some future book, Lois will run into George Price again!

    • Thanks a lot for your message. Is your email address a clue to why you like George Price? Maybe not, but I am so glad you like my hero, being of gypsy stock myself. Best wishes – Ann

  3. Dear Mrs. Purser,
    I want to start by saying thank you! I am the mommy of a beautiful two and a half year old daughter and wife to a wonderful husband. I am very blessed. Although 5 months ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer which seemed at the time to put a crack in our otherwise perfect family. Suffice it to say one day during treatment a nurse came in with a basket of books and asked if I would care to read while I waited for the medication to take hold. I chose Tragedy at Two. I can’t tell you how shocked I was when the nurse said I was able to leave and my session was over. The time seemed to fly by. I was so taken in with your book, the nausea didn’t even have time to take hold! I couldn’t possibly leave my new favorite book behind so I stuffed it into my purse vowing to bring it back the following week. From that day forward I have read every Lois Meade and Ivy Beasley mystery I can get my hands on! Your books have made this bump in the road much more tolerable. I can’t thank you enough! May I ask if it would be possible to have your autograph? It would mean a lot. Once again thank you for giving me the gift of a smile every time I open one of your books. Andrea Wilken
    545 Whitesage Road
    San Marcos, Ca.

    • Hi, Andrea – apologies for belatedly replying to your interesting message. You certainly have been having a rotten time. I have posted a letter to you and hope you have received it by now. Very best wishes for the future, with no more bumps! Ann P.

  4. Dear Ann Purser, My daughter Michel and I have enjoyed almost all of your books. We just discovered “Hangman Row Enquiry” and starting a new series would like to ask you if you have ever considered a character’s list in either the beginning or back of the book? Sure would help to keep them straight for me anyway. I am not as young and sharp as I used to be. Thank you

    • Hello, Velma – thank you for your message. So glad you enjoy reading the books! I will certainly think about a cast of characters at the start of the novel. Best wishes – Ann P.

  5. Dear Ann, Just read Found Guilty at Five, and now am glad I googled you. I’ll be looking for your other series. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your message, Loreen! So glad you found Found Guilty at Five, and enjoyed reading it. I`d love to hear from you if you managed to read Ivy`s adventures! Ann P

  6. Thank you for fun, clean, delightful and refreshing mysteries. The characters ring true. May you have many more books to come!

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