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  1. Hi Ann – sorry lost your details re the piano. thank you for the picture though but i can’t remember what you wanted to do with the piano! Were you wanting advice about where to sell it or a repair estimate? Perhaps you could contact me. I am away though all of next week, back in workshop on 15th if you need to speak to me or will be looking at emails whilst away. Look forward to speaking about your piano soon, Best wishes, Lucy Coad

  2. Hi Ann ……back again. Correction – Jeems became Jemima not Jessica….As I have read on, the pace has picked up and become more like earlier Lois Mead adventures.
    A good read after a disappointing start!

  3. I love your books. Have read all of your Lois Meade and Ivy Beasley books. Always very entertaining! I just finished your “Found Guilty At Five” and have a question. By the way, I disagree with a comment by someone on your Facebook page about the ending. I’m glad you didn’t have Jamie and Akiko get together, she just didn’t have the personality of someone who would be a good match for him. (My 2 cents :-)) But my question is, what is a nought? Lois is sent “five noughts” from Mr. Nakamasa. I have searched online, but have been unable to find the definition of a nought. Thank you in advance for your answer and please keep the books coming!

    • Hi Ronda – many thanks for your message. So glad you liked the book. I suppose I could have had Jamie and Akiko end up in a permanent relationship, but somehow the character I had built up for Jamie just wouldn’t have done this.

      A naught is a zero! I am stuck in bed with a flu bug, but am sure there must be a misprint – it should be five naughts (or zeros) meaning a large cheque.

      Very bes t wishes – AP

  4. Hi!
    I have been a fan of mysteries for years now and have read many books from different authors, some of which were a good read for people with insomnia problems ;-). Recently I came across your Lois Meade mysteries and there are so good! I really enjoy them and it is hard to put them down before I find out who did it…. I have ordered almost the whole collection by now and hope there will be more to come!

    With greetings from Germany


    • Lovely to hear from you, Marion. We were ver fond of bernkastel on the Mosel at one time, but haven’t been to Germany for ages. I am glad you enjoy reading about Lois and her family. Am about to start another one!

      Best wishes – Ann P

  5. I have a question; in this newest Ivy Beasley book, The Sleeping Salesman Enquiry, there are many references to Roy using a “trundle”. What is a trundle please?

  6. Hi Ann,

    I feel in love with the Enquire Within series and look forward to the next one.
    My mother-in-law told me about the Lois Meade series and we went from there. We exchange books regularly. I would love to find the Round Ringfold series but don’t expect to find them in Virginia. Will have my Mother-in-law look in Houston, Texas.
    Thank you for bringing me into that world and look forward to your ability to pull me into their world again.


    • Dear Maggie,

      Thank you so muc for yours. It is lovely here in baking hot England (!) to sit in my cool study and read messages such s yours!

      I expect you have tried Amazon and eBay for the Round Ringford series? They do pop up now and then.

      Watch out for Scandal at Six, out now.

      Best wishes – Ann.

  7. Good Morning Ann, I have read all your “Lois Meade Mysteries” and gladly say I am hooked. I really enjoy the way you write and while waiting for “Scandal at Six”
    searched out more of your books. The Round Ringford Village stories have been hard to fine, have only been able to read the first two of series. Will they be reprinted?
    Also, have read two of Ivy Beasley Mysteries so far. I fully enjoy your use of the villages and local residents, great description, I like the visual pictures they bring up.
    Thanks for the pleasant reads.

    • Thank you, Margaret, for your nice email. I am so glad you are enjoying reading with Lois and Ivy, and the Round Ringford characters. More of everything in the pipeline, except for Round Ringford, and I stopped at six! You have read the first two, and these are being reissued by Endeavour Press as e-books. If these are successful, they may publish more – so tell all your friends!

      Best wishes – Ann

  8. Dear Ann i have read your books and enjoy them very much. I enjoy the stories and they keep u interested. I hope to read all your books in the future

  9. I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the Lois Meade series and the Ivy Beasley series. I like your writing style, character development (and ongoing characters that make it seem like you know them or like “family”) and that they are good, clean entertainment. Keep up the great work! I’m an avid book reader (and e-reader). Have a wonderful year in 2015.

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